Monster plates

9 Feb

hey babes!
I was so tired yesterday but was still thrilled to try the plates out! sorry if the photo quality is bad. I used my phone instead of a cam!

Now on the views on the plates.


1. because they come in a set of 21 plates, i get to have a lot more designs.

2. although they are smaller in size than the Konad ones, the designs prints well for a regular nail size. (mine is quite long as u can see from the photo, and i only stamp them once.)

3. they have wide variety of designs. Stars, hearts, leaves, floral designs and even Lizards! HAHA!

4. Worth the  money ($1.60 per plate)

5. Instant Nail Art! (woohoo)


1. the plates are really sharp as compared to Konad’s. but post no problem if u are careful.

2. Dont have a sticker/protective film at the back. but still no issue to me as i dont see the need.

And basically, that’s about it! i can hardly find any faults with the plates! (maybe other than the Lizard!) HAHA. but yea. am lovin’ the plates and cant wait to try them again when i redo my mani! 🙂


1. it’s always good to use a card instead of the scraper to stamp your nails. it’s less damaging to the plates.

2. always clean ur stamper before and after stamping

3. always put a top coat before u stamp your nails, so just in case when u stamp wrongly, u can gently wipe the top and not damage ur base colour.

last but not least.

here’s the link for the various polish that works with the plates. 🙂

Regular polish that works.

Link 1

Link 2


Till the next time! 🙂


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